Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have had rosacea for several years with varying degrees of flareups. I had tried lotions and prescription medication, neither of which worked. Dr. Wild worked with me with nutrition and now my dry patches and red cheeks are no more."

- Jill S.

"We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Dr. Wild. We decided to go see Dr. Wild as a "last resort" for our son who was struggling with ADD. He was failing most classes in school which lead him to become depressed and irritated at home. Prior to seeing Dr. Wild we had tried various different prescription medications to help with his ADD over the course of the years and always felt like they did nothing for him. After our first visit with Dr. Wild we were blown away with the changes we were seeing in our son. After being on his supplements and continually changing what he needed, after nutrition testing we were convinced instead of seeing Dr. Wild as a "last resort" he should have been our first! I'm happy to report that our son continues to succeed today with Dr. Wild's help. He has been on honor roll for the past 2 semesters! Seeing Dr. Wild was the best decision we could have made!"

- Nicole

"There is no one I trust more to care myself and my family than Dr. Wild. Although I live out of town, I have found it is definitely worth traveling to see him to keep myself healthy.

I suffer from a connective tissue disorder along with many food intolerances and Dr. Wild has been able to improve my quality of life through both his chiropractic and Nutritional Response Testing. He looks at my body as a whole works hard to treat the root of my health issues, rather than just symptoms alone.

My pain levels, joint issues and wellbeing have improved drastically since seeing Dr. Wild, and I highly recommend him to anyone searching to better their health."

- Ashley Schwantes

"I had been to half a dozen chiropractors before the age of 30 and it wasn't until I found Dr. Wild about a year ago that I finally found someone who was able to truly help me with my alignment problems. My daily headaches diminished, my ability to exercise improved, and I no longer wake up in pain. Dr. Wild has not only been a chiropractic lifesaver, but when I starting doing his nutritional testing I quickly noticed a difference. I had more energy, increased my metabolism, lost weight, and felt better than I had in a long time. I can't imagine going anywhere else, and would highly recommend Dr. Wild to anyone looking to improve their life."

- Katie Jaehnke

"Fibromyalgia, costochondritis, and hip/back pain had been my source of discomfort for far too long. Thanks to chiropractic care I am now able to perform my daily activities with far less difficulty and pain. Chiropractic is working for me without the use of drugs and their side effects. I highly recommend Dr. Wild and chiropractic care. Find out more about this healthcare option and how it can benefit you."

- Sharon Schramm

"Our family has been blessed by the care of Dr. Wild and his staff for many years and many reasons. It started with a referral from a local physical therapist. Dr. Wild's gentle chiropractic adjustments relieved the many years of headaches and back pain, which were making every day activities such as driving or sitting in college classes, or washing dishes very difficult. He went on to help with pain and discomfort during my 5 pregnancies, by relieving back, hip, and pelvic pain. Our babies/children were relieved quickly and thoroughly from various issues such as irritability as babies, each aches, chest and head congestion, sleeplessness, headaches, low back pains, shin splits, injured Achilles tendon and ankle, foot, and knee pain. A few gentle adjustments on my 6 year old daughter also relieved her ongoing bouts of nausea and stomach aches. One of the greatest benefits of seeing Dr. Wild is that he not only aligns the spine, but also any other joints in the body which allows them to heal on their own. The adjustments Dr. Wild does on my husband's back allows him to breathe more freely and he experiences less asthma symptoms. He is also treating my husband's carpal tunnel pain. It's amazing what small, simple adjustments to my husband's wrists can do to relieve the pain and joint from "locking up," thus avoiding pain meds, physical therapy, and surgery. Last year I was involved in a car crash, crushing several vertebra in the middle back and fracturing one in my neck. I have been seeing Dr. Wild on a weekly basis for this. Without a doubt, I would not be able to care for my family as I have been without his care.

We are also thankful for Dr. Wild's nutritional care. With his nutrition response testing and whole food and herbal supplements, he truly cares for the healing of the entire body of his patients. He has successfully helped me to cleanse and heal from yeast overgrowth, various viral and bacterial infections, stomach pain and digestion issues, parasites, and helping with sleeplessness. The car crash has added to nervous and glandular system issues, and without a doubt, the supplements are helping to keep me off of drugs with undesirable side effects. Again, Dr. Wild works on helping me be able to care for my family and home. My older children have also been helped by the nutritional supplements, clearing up a parasite infection and metal toxicity. My husband has also been healed from a metal toxicity due to his previous job. He also has found comfort from ongoing abdominal pain.

We continue to visit Dr. Wild for various issues a busy family of seven faces! We are so thankful for his help and support in our health!"

- Melanie DeVriend

"When I first came to Dr. Wild, I had been bedridden for 3 weeks. I had lost all energy, a lot of mental clarity, I had palpitations, chest pain, muscle pains and at times I could barely speak. The doctors could not find anything wrong with me, so they said I had depression. Deep inside, I knew something else was wrong with my body. A good friend of mine talked about my case to Dr. Wild and he said it might be a heavy metal intoxication. I thought he was maybe right so I decided to go see him. And indeed, a mercury intoxication it was. He started taking care of me through nutritional response testing. Slowly, I regained energy, some mental clarity; and symptoms lessened. For 3 weeks, I went to see him every 2 to 3 days and things were moving on. I can’t say enough of how Dr. Wild has been so devoted to restore my health. He would listen to me, answer my questions and be very patient with me as I was going through a lot of emotional ups and downs. After 3 weeks, I had gained enough energy to have my amalgams removed! As I live far away and was under the care of my good friend during those 3 weeks, I could not continue a follow-up with him, I had to go home. To this day, I still see another chiropractor who uses nutritional response testing, closer to my place. This method has really been a great help in my recovery. My sleep has continued to improve. I was so happy to start homeschooling my kids 2 weeks ago. And yes, we had a great summer, doing activities here and there. Of course, it was something hard to imagine when I was first in Wisconsin, to think that I’d be strong enough to do anything during the coming summer. Today, I have an active life again. Thank you Doctor Wild!"

- Marie-Catherine, Canada

"I hurt my low back at work. I rested, took ibuprofen, saw doctors ( including an orthopedist), and I even undertook a swimming program. Nothing worked. I was out of work for 6 months & couldn’t sit, stand, or do most activities comfortably. My muscles were starting to become weak from the inactivity. My mother suggested I see Dr. Wild…within two weeks I was back to work. I have been a patient ever since with no regrets. I just wish I had done it sooner. Thank you Dr. Wild!"


"I had injured my back years ago as a CNA. The condition was severe enough that it required surgery, but even after the surgery I was walking with a cane. I began seeing Dr. Wild in hopes that he could help my condition, and within several months I was able to hang up the cane. Without Dr. Wild’s assistance, I believe I’d be disabled."

- Kathleen K. Wilhelm

"'Doc' Wild helped me to be able to get off the floor and get back to work after severe back pain."

- Keith

"I was feeling very tired and stressed from my daily routine, not to mention the usual post menopausal symptoms. After trying numerous vitamins (and not being successful), I consulted Dr. Wild. He suggested going on a natural whole food vitamin supplement program, specifically b vitamins. Since then I’ve noticed a big difference in my well-being both physically and mentally. Dr. Wild is very accommodating not only with chiropractic health, but nutritional health as well."

- Debbie R.

"I came to accept the aches and pains associated with my hard physical work and play. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Wild. The list goes on and on as to what he greatly improved in my physical well-being. From alleviating back, shoulder, neck and leg pain to virtually eliminating my carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Wild was more than capable in helping with all aspects of my health."

- John B. Fukey

"I suffered a work related injury that left me in bed for two days and out of work. So I saw my family physician and was given pain medication and physical therapy. I did not seem to be progressing like I was hoping and was still having problems bending and walking. On top of that I also was experiencing side affects from the medication I was on. A friend recommended I see Dr. Wild, and since I needed to get back to work I decided to give chiropractic and Dr. Wild a try. After just three visits I saw significant improvement. I was more mobile and in less pain. Shortly after that I was able to return to work and was pain free. Thank you Dr. Wild.”

- G.E.P.

"Twenty years ago I was in a very bad car accident and was hurt pretty seriously. Since then, the everyday aches and pains had gotten worse. I have a very demanding job of lifting heavy objects all day. Over the years, I have developed back and neck problems along with arthritis in my back because of the accident. Since I have been seeing a massage therapist and Dr. Wild in the last year my pain has been minimal, if not temporarily gone. Between the two of them, they keep me working and able to do most things I want without pain. I don’t know what I would do without them!"

- Amy S.

"I started as a patient of Dr. Wild’s after discussing an issue I was experiencing to a friend of mine. I was in an auto accident years prior that gave me whiplash. For two years, several times per week, I began to wake up with my head ‘stuck’ to the right. I did not want to take muscle relaxants or pain pills because I needed to function. My friend encouraged me to make an appointment with Dr. Wild. I was well aware of her success with Dr. Wild’s care. I am as big a skeptic as anyone and I may not have believed it, but after my very first adjustment, I have never awakened with that problem since. And I don’t miss it! I am grateful for Dr. Wild’s skills and knowledge."

- Karen S.

"Dr. Wild relieved my carpal tunnel problems as well as my shoulder pain. Thank you Dr. Wild!"

- Joanne

"As a catcher on a traveling baseball team, my throwing arm had started to hurt. It got so bad that I was in a lot of pain and could hardly use my arm. After the first time Dr. Wild worked with it, my arm felt better and I was able to play the rest of the year without problems."

- Tanner B.

"My shoulder had begun to give me problems with lifting weights. Since I had Dr. Wild work on the cause of my pain, I’ve been able to go back to lifting. It doesn’t give me any more trouble."

- Tony K.

“For two years I suffered sudden low back pain without any warning. I would get a feeling like an electrical current was going through my lower back and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor, unable to walk for a couple of hours. I went to three doctors, had x-rays and an MRI, and was told nothing was wrong. I had heard about Dr. Wild and decided to give him a try. On my first visit he took x-rays and saw where the problem was. He started making alignments and soon solved the problem without medications or surgery. I would recommend Dr. Wild to anyone.”

- Joanne H.

“After years of suffering migraine headaches, today I am not limited to any physical activities and I no longer suffer from migraine headaches. Chiropractic care literally changed my life for the better."

- Lorie M. Neddow -Fukey

"When I was 13, I was diagnosed with bursitis in both hips. I went through the usual treatment of medication, physical therapy, and electrodes for months. Ultimately, I ended up with cortisone injections in the hip. However this was only a temporary solution. Gradually the pain and inflammation came back and I was essentially where I started. I dealt with this problem for a few more years and finally met Dr. Wild. as I started at Wild Chiropractic, Dr. Wild evaluated my condition and found I had a few more problems relating to my condition than I realized. Not only were my hips a factor in my condition but there was disc involvement. So Dr. Wild took on the large project of fixing my brokenness and he did just that. Through the years he has helped me with other personal injuries including jaw pain, shoulder dislocations, sprained ankles, and other “pinched” nerves. I hope this will have opened some hearts to healing, and if you are struggling with a health condition in any way, that you take the time to visit Dr. Wild. Thanks so much Doc."

- Sheila K.

"My experience with Dr. Wild’s services began in high school. I was referred by a local physical therapist for migraines and severe back pain. The pain was so great I could hardly drive or focus on my schoolwork. After 3 months of non-invasive treatment, I was pain free! I couldn’t believe how good I felt. Looking back, I don’t believe I remember much of my childhood without back pain and headaches. What freedom it was to be able to live life without pain! Later, my first pregnancy brought me back to Doc. My joints and pelvis weren’t pleased with moving as needed to let the baby through, and Doc relieved my sciatica and hip pain. Sinus infections used to plague me during the winter, with months of pain, pressure, and being unable to taste or smell. A few small supplements from Doc was all it took, and I haven’t had one since. What a blessing! Dr. Wild has been a source of health and well-being for our entire family. We are so thankful for him and feel so blessed that we have access to his knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you have any health issues that are giving you trouble, not just back or joint pain, do consider visiting Doc. You’ll be glad you did."

- Melanie De Vriend

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